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will it save money?
Evaporative cooling is also up to 50% cheaper to install and three times cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling. Typically, the cost for water and electricity for a 36" unit for eight hours of operation is less than $1.00. Smaller units will operate for longer periods for the same amount of money. That's approximately three times cheaper than traditional air conditioning.

• Lowers temperature
  an average of 20°F

• Operates for pennies a   day

• Available in four sizes!

• Environmentally   friendly! Runs on tap   water and electricity

• Practically
  maintenance free!

About Heinrichs and PORTACOOL™

Heinrichs of Reedley, California: We Have PORTACOOL™ Units For Sale. We carry a full line of parts and pads.

We also sell Brush Shredders and Cemetary Equipment
WJ Heinrichs Inc.
We manufacture
Brush Shredders
Cemetary Equipment

We also have information about the advantages and uses of evaporative coolers, dealing with heat and heat exhaustion.

PORTACOOL™ evaporative cooling units are all an easy-to-use product. It is the solution you have been searching for to keep your workers cool and comfortable. Our coolers can cool the warmest job site! Comfortable workers are productive workers.



    Units usually feature:
  • Durable one-piece molded plastic polyethylene housing
  • Garden hose connection supplies water
  • Unit and water supply are both portable
  • Performs at a fraction of the cost of standard air conditioning
  • Long-term dependability plus near maintenance-free operation



  • Increases worker productivity by making the environment more comfortable
  • Aids in the enjoyment of meetings or events where air-conditioning is unavailable or ineffective
  • A temporary, portable back-up when the standard cooling system is inoperable
  • Cools machinery or product that may be damaged or ruined if allowed to overheat


Evaporative Cooling units are. . .

  • Environmentally Friendly -- The units produce no fluorocarbons
  • Energy Efficient -- Evaporative cooling systems use less energy
  • Good for Indoor Air Quality -- Filters used by evaporative cooling units produce cooler, cleaner indoor air
  • Easily Integrated -- evaporative cooling units can be configured to become an energy efficient addition to an existing system
  • Inexpensive to Operate -- Easy to maintain and operate
  • COOL! -- evaporative cooling units can lower the surrounding air temperature an average of 20 degrees and actually generate cooled air!


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