Davis Community Network and DVM

The Davis Virtual Market is a seed project to develop and demonstrate a vision of what an electronic marketplace should be and how it can be used to benefit both a local community and the Internet community at large. We are developing an organized system of malls to assist businesses in offering real products and services on the Net. In addition, participating businesses will have the opportunity of sponsoring valuable information from charitable organizations and other worthwhile efforts as well as entertaining attractions. It is our hope to work cooperatively with a wide range of individuals and companies to create something unique and valuable.

If you are interested in becoming involved or have questions or comments, send email to yamagata@wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us

By telephone, you can call (916)753-9750 M-F from 10AM to 5PM to speak with a DVM representative.

Our thanks to the Davis Community Network for sponsoring the Davis Virtual Market and the folks at promedia.net for providing commercial webspace. DVM is a strategic partner of DCN and shares its belief that providing community content to the citizens of Davis and visitors from around the world creates fellowship, cooperation and goodwill -- COMMUNITY.

G. Richard Yamagata, Virtual Market Enterprises -- Webmaster, Public Relations and Marketing


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