Outdoor Hazards

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  1. 100 human deaths in auto collisions with deer (130 in 1989 alone).
  2. 86 deaths due to lightning strikes.
  3. 40 deaths due to bee stings.
  4. 18-20 people killed by dogs (also inflict suture-requiring injuries on 200,000 people).
  5. 12 human deaths resulting from 5,000 rattlesnake bites.
  6. 3 deaths due to bites of black widow spider.
  7. 0.33 fatal mountain lions attacks, or one fatal attack every three years (this even includes attacks in Canada).

There have been 12 documented mountain lion attacks on people in California since 1890. Five of these were fatal, and two of the fatal attacks were in 1994. There have been more attacks in the last 10 years (9) than in the previous 96 years (3). (p) Mountain lion attacks on people are extremely rare, even for the millions of Californians who spend much of their time outdoors, hiking, camping, biking, hunting, and fishing. Experts agree that you have a better chance of winning the California Lottery than being attacked by a cougar.